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Gift Set

Item Code: EV1004

This is a Gift Set contains:
- 1 x Gift Box
- 1 x EDP Stylus Fire
- 1 x EDP Stylus Earth
- 1 x EDP Stylus Metal
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We cultivated our premier creation with the five elements of nature in mind. Through The 3LEMENTS, you can travel via the mind to larger collective spaces. Smell, feel and live in the excitement of the fragrance; allow it to transport you to another realm.

EARTH is a burst of lemon, bergamot, grapefruit citrus notes, bright green herbs and orris tinged woods; developing into a blend with a touch of sweet sandalwood to create an energetic base.

FIRE conveyed elegance perfectly with the refined composition of magnolia and rose set into a velvety accord of jasmine, raspberry and musk to suggest a more abstract impression.

METAL produce a vision of a noble horsemen hunting through damp woods, the citrus and bitter herbs of Metal evoke the crisp white shirt and warm skin of someone irresistibly attractive and elegantly sexy.

This set contains:

- 3 x 2ml Eau de Parfum Stylus in EARTH, FIRE and METAL

Made in Singapore
Formulated in France

For first time use
● Twist the Volume Control (at the tip) to the highest Volume 4
● Click the 3D Button for several times until the gel is released
● Glide anywhere on your body
● Adjust volume to your liking for next application
Volume Dispenser
● Volume 1: 10µl
● Volume 2: 20µl
● Volume 3: 30µl
● Volume 4: 40µl



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